Cleaning & Maintenance of Your Rangehood

14 April 2018


You have carefully chosen your Leemac rangehood. It is installed, in full use and boosting a breath of fresh air into your home!

Like every other appliance, the rangehood needs maintenance over time to make sure that not only the appearance stays immaculate, but also the functionality is giving 100% performance throughout the years.

Here are some tips for you, depending on the model you have chosen:

Stainless Steel Rangehoods

Fingerprints, oil and water stains tend to decorate the surface of rangehoods. The key to keeping stainless steel without stains is easier as you might think. Any retail stainless steel cleaner and polish can be used. Pressurized cleaners work well, as do products like WD40® and Inox® 

Do not use ammonia-based products, bleach or alcohol-based products. Avoid using abrasive agents pads or cloths!


Painted Rangehoods

To clean your white hood you only need hot soapy water and a sponge or cloth. You will be able to easily remove oil and dust from the surface.


All Leemac filters are easily removed and fitted back in. You can always check in the manual of your rangehood and learn how to do this.

Oil Filters

Aluminium mesh filters or baffle filters can be washed in the dishwasher. The filters should be thoroughly dried before fitting back into your hood. They should be cleaned at least once a month, and more frequently depending on usage. If there is heavy build-up of oil on the filter, soak the filters in hot soapy water until the oil breaks down. 

Carbon Filters

If using your hood in re-circulating mode, you should change your carbon filters every six months or more often depending on usage. Charcoal filters cannot be cleaned, the odour absorption power of the charcoal inside the filter declines over time.