Expert's Advice to maintain and support the performance of your Rangehood

05 August 2019

Using a rangehood exhausts very effectively the smoke, fumes, oils and odours from the kitchen.
To support and maintain the exceptional performance of a Leemac rangehood, it is essential to install the rangehood correctly. Please refer to our installation manuals as well as relevant Building Standards.
Ducted rangehoods offer the best performance, expelling the smoke, fumes, oils and odours to the outside via wall, eave or roof ducting. The importance of installing the correct ducting for the chosen rangehood requires an experienced and/or skilled expert to provide the best advice and to carry out the installation. We are working with various independent installers Australia wide and are happy to provide contact details on our website under Recommended Installers.
Tips to duct your rangehood:

• Keep the ducting as straight and use the shortest and most direct route to the outside.
• If bends are necessary, reduce them to a minimum and avoid sharp bends.
• Never duct into the attic, ceiling space or another room.
• Always use the correct size of the ducting, as it would decrease the ducting efficiency.
   You will find the required diameter for your rangehood on our technical drawings.
• Ensure that the ducting is solid, of non-flammable material and suitable for the installation
   you require (metal, tile or flat channel duct).
• Use only semi-rigid aluminium duct or solid tube, not the cheap helix duct which is hampered
   by poor internal airflow and thin foil which will pit over time.
• Stretch out first the semi-rigid ducting and then cut to the shortest length required.
• To ensure that the transported air does not escape while using, all joins need to be sealed.

Non-ducted or recirculating rangehoods are chosen for kitchens where there is no possibility of an external vent or duct. Cooking smoke, fumes, oils and odours are passed through active charcoal filters and then recirculated back into the room. These filters can and must be cleaned regularly to maintain the best possible performance and avoid any odour formation. How often is dependant on your cooking style and frequency.
Leemac offers a full range of ducting kits and components to compliment your Leemac rangehood and most other brands.  
Feel free to call us if you need any further information.