- Canopy Rangehoods

Canopy Rangehoods are a popular choice for indoor kitchens. Our Canopies are a sophisticated and design-oriented choice for your kitchen, offering consistent, quiet and reliable performance.

These hoods generally possess a centrifugal motor, which is powerful but at the same quieter than an axial style motor, found in most cupboard mounted hoods.

All Leemac Canopy Rangehoods are made it Italy. They can be ducted to the atmosphere, or re-circulated, if ducting is not an option.   

We feature BBQ, Slim Line, Glass and Island Canopy Rangehoods, with some models accepting our remote fan option to further decrease noise levels in your kitchen.

Canopy Rangehood sound baffled with an extremely quiet performance

Canopy Rangehood

Canopy Rangehood

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