- Rangehoods and Accessories


Our large range of Italian manufactured, reliable and high performing rangehoods are delivered to customers in all states of Australia.

We invite you to have a closer look at the various models and get in touch with our experts by phone or email if you have any questions regarding the models, the installation of the rangehoods or accessories needed.


BBQ Rangehoods

The most powerful and efficient Leemac rangehood models for your alfresco area.

Canopy Rangehoods

Popular style choice for indoor kitchens, which can be ducted to the atmosphere or re-circulated.

Island Rangehoods

Impressive appliance for your open cooking kitchen area with an extremely efficient airflow.

Fixed Rangehoods

Cost effective, efficient and contemporary models that perfectly merge into your kitchen design.

Slideout Rangehoods

Streamlined and semi concealed hoods, leaving space for all cooking activities.

Undermount Rangehoods

Integrated into your kitchen cupboard, these hoods are a great choice for your seamless kitchen cupboard line.