Choosing the perfect rangehood

15 January 2019

Which Rangehood is right for me?

  • BBQ Hoods

A BBQ Rangehood is what you are looking for to clear the air from smoke and smell in your outdoor kitchen. The difference between BBQ and indoor rangehoods is the power of the exhaust. The Leemac models are fitted with premium Italian or German motor systems and provide a reliable extra power for an excellent  outdoor dining experience with style.

  • Island Hoods 


The Island Rangehood is a prominent feature and mounted directly from the ceiling above the cooking area. The Leemac BBQ Island Hood combines power  with style.

  • Slideout Hoods


Is it your intention to have a flexible rangehood, easy to slide out when needed but otherwise merging into your kitchen line leaving the space to you? Then you should have a look at our selected range of Slideout Hoods. Whether stainless steel or a combination of white and stainless, Leemac Slideouts come with halogen lights, charcoal filters and always with the proven Italian quality.

  • Fixed Hoods 


Our Fixed Rangehoods would be your choice if your cooktop is in line with the bench and you need a hood backed to a wall. The white or stainless Leemac hoods perfectly merge into your kitchen design and our line of 600, 800 and 900mm will make your size match easy.

  • Undermount Hoods 

Undermount or recessed rangehoods  are integrated into your kitchen cupboard. They are the right choices if you wish to have a seamless kitchen cupboard line. The Leemac Undermount Rangehood range offers a selection of stainless steel faced hoods with halogen lights and aluminium/charcoal filters.

  • Canopy Hoods

Canopy Rangehoods are a popular and powerful choice for your indoor kitchen. This type of rangehoods is a sophisticated and design oriented model, offering a consistent and reliable performance. Leemac features BBQ, Slim Line, Gass and Island Canopy Rangehoods.